Die Casting Machines

Aluminum die casting

Today Enigma Group is considered a European benchmark for the design of die-casting installations and aluminum processing, it can boast exceptional technical expertise and production facilities among the most sophisticated and modern in the sector.
The technological evolution in extrusion plants is always directed towards the development of systems of the control process in order to optimize the product quality and the productivity of the plant and for this reason the design includes also the study of the equipment most suitable for the best working procedure to obtain an excellent final product, furthermore the variety of machines park and flexibility allow us to manage medium to large in series.

Estrusione alluminio Enigma Group srl


The high expertise of our team allows Enigma Group to remain up to date with the demand of modern extrusion technologies, linked to different types of presses.
The importance of the new extrusion technology and the requirements of the extruded profile, impose on the plant manufacturers, not only the realization of high performance and reliable "machines", as well as the supply connected to them with special instrumentation specifically which are able to constantly control the extrusion process, ensuring the absolute quality.

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